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1 Class

R320 p/m

Don't feel like going for everything at once, This package includes one class from any section being attended once per week.

2 Classes

R600 p/m

Feeling a bit risky, macho, even slighly... dangerous? This package allows you to attend any two classes once a week.

3 Classes

R920 p/m

If you've got time to spare and want to throw down on the dance floor like Michael jackson on steroids, then this three classes once a week is for you.

4 Classes

R1220 p/m

For those people bursting with a kindled fire ready to let loose their intence passion for dance is what this package is for.

Latin 2 Class

R590 p/p

Teaching you from cha-cha to waltz, learn some amazing dance moves with this package.

Couple lessons freestyle and latin

R320 p/p

Dancing with your partner one day, eyes interlocked, flowing across the dance floor like two magnificint.. geece. If this is what you want this package is for you.

Private lessons


A private class with one of the teachers where they teach you above the norm dance techniques per 30 min.

Phone: +27 060 520 8901